Registration for the 2019 Season is now Open

Welcome to the 2019 Season of the Woden Wanderers Cricket Club. Registration is now open for all members.

All registrations and registration payments this season will be via MyCricket.

Please create a MyCricket ID if you have not already created one and use a valid email address as this will be used to communicate with you during the season.

Senior Player Full Upfront

$350 until 10 November 2018 (Rd6). An early bird discount is again available so register now on MyCricket.

Social Member


Part Time Player

$50 Registration plus $25 per game.

Junior (14-18) Upfront

$110 until 10 November 2018 (Rd6)

Upfront Health Care Card

$110 until 10 November 2018 (Rd6)

Part Payments are available

For those wishing to do so you can select to pay over 2, 3 or 4 monthly payments. These payments will come out automatically on the 15th of each month with the initial payment being paid immediately. For more information please read MyCricket Part Payments FAQ

What is MyCricket?

MyCricket is a system? That has been set up by Cricket Australia to help by reducing the burden of registration forms, collecting money, keeping a register of members, team selections, player availability, match information all in one place. All of our association draws, ladders and statistics are on MyCricket already and have been for a number of years.

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Welcome to the 2019 Committee

2018 AGM has been completed and a new Committee has been elected. Your 2019 Committee is:

President: Clint Fritz
Vice President: Jonathon Durham
Secretary: Rod Chancellor
Treasurer: Jamie Belcher
General Committee:

  • Matthew Carson
  • Jason Brayshaw
  • Stephen Crawford

Thank you to all the members who attended, and to those who have volunteered their time to contribute to the club by stepping up to be on the Committee this season.

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Notice of 2018 AGM

When:  7pm Wednesday 4 July 2018

Where: Canberra Deakin Football Club

Calling all members to attend and consider nominating for the Committee. All current members of the Committee will be stepping down.

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How to Register Online

Note: A MyCricket ID is also referred to as Participant ID, Cricket ID or simply ID. They are all one and the same thing.

Registration Steps

  1. Go to the online registration page (
  2. Select your registration type applicable to you.
  3. Click Register

  1. Click Continue

  1. Enter your MyCricket ID and password and click Log In
    Please set up a MyCricket ID the club will be using MyCricket to do team selections this season and most importantly will be how you will communicate your availability.

  1. Fill in your details.

  1. Confirm your details and membership type selected
Review your order

Review your order

  1. Pay by Credit Card \ Debit Card.
    There is also an option to do part payments. If you chose more than a single payment, the payments will be equally divided. The first payment will come out immediately and the remaining payments will be on the 15th of each month thereafter.
    For more information and conditions on part payments please see the MyCricket Part Payments FAQ.
Details of Purchase

Details of Purchase


  1. Congratulations your registration is complete.

Please save your MyCricket ID, email address and password in your password safe. You will be needing this during the season. You may also use it in the MyCricket App, available on Android and IOS.

If you have any problems or questions please contact the registrar at :

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Three new Life Members

The ranks of Life Membership received a boost at the AGM on Wednesday 12th July 2017 as the following members were inducted.

  • Clint Fritz,
  • Pablo Colmenares and
  • Rod Chancellor.

Mr Clint “Herschelle” Fritz is a founding member of the club and will surpass 200 games for the club next season. A significant milestone so far only attained by one other WWCC member. Clint has also been an avid participant in support of the club for many years serving on the committee, contributing to discussions, a keeper of records and one of our best* wicket keepers.

Mr Pablo “Pabs” Colmenares is a long-time member of the club and has provided information technology support to the club particularly the website for many years and has served on the committee. A “larger than life figure” in the club, a journeyman all rounder across all grades, Pablo’s carefree confidence exudes to all throughout the club and provides the kind of atmosphere appreciated both on field and off.

Mr Rod “Rocket” Chancellor is a former President taking the club from one clubhouse to another and Treasurer who has also served on the general committee for many seasons. Rocket has also skippered sides, often stepping in to lead the players in the absence of their regular captain. Rodney exemplifies the “Go you good thing…” in our catch cry, always seeking to improve his game and encourage other Wanderers in theirs. When the chips are down you can rely upon Rockets resilience.

Disclaimer: not everything is in the brief bios above.

Photo of all five life members.

Photo of all five life members. Back: Pablo Colmenares (4), Clint Fritz (3), Rod Chancellor (5) Front: Peter J Bowman (1), Gareth McAlister (2)

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