How to Register Online

Note: A MyCricket ID is also referred to as Participant ID, Cricket ID or simply ID. They are all one and the same thing.

Registration Steps

  1. Go to the online registration page (
  2. Select your registration type applicable to you.
  3. Click Register

  1. Click Continue

  1. Enter your MyCricket ID and password and click Log In
    Please set up a MyCricket ID the club will be using MyCricket to do team selections this season and most importantly will be how you will communicate your availability.

  1. Fill in your details.

  1. Confirm your details and membership type selected
Review your order

Review your order

  1. Pay by Credit Card \ Debit Card.
    There is also an option to do part payments. If you chose more than a single payment, the payments will be equally divided. The first payment will come out immediately and the remaining payments will be on the 15th of each month thereafter.
    For more information and conditions on part payments please see theĀ MyCricket Part Payments FAQ.
Details of Purchase

Details of Purchase


  1. Congratulations your registration is complete.

Please save your MyCricket ID, email address and password in your password safe. You will be needing this during the season. You may also use it in the MyCricket App, available on Android and IOS.

If you have any problems or questions please contact the registrar at :

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